Research Studies

Status: Completed
Study area: Nutrition/Dietary, General Wellness
Principal investigator: M McCrory
Project period: 2004 – 2007

This clinical study is looking at the effects of foods and nutrients on metabolism and eating patterns.

Status: Completed
Study area: Immunity, Oncology
Principal investigator: L.J. Standish
Funded by: February 2005 - 2007
Project period: L.J. Standish

This is a Phase II randomized-placebo controlled trial of a mushroom extract (Trametes versicolor or Tv) in women with early-stage estrogen receptor-negative and progesterone receptor-negative breast cancer who have completed adjuvant radiation therapy.

Status: Completed
Study area: Healthy Aging, Chronic Disease
Principal investigator: S Smith (Pennington)
Co-investigator(s): J Lovejoy
Project period: September 2003 - 2007

This observational study examines changes in body composition, energy intake and physical activity in a cohort of 160 perimenopausal women.  Annual assessments will be conducted for 7 years to determine the impact of changing reproductive hormone concentrations on body fatness, fat distribution,

Status: Completed
Study area: Botanical Medicine, Other
Principal investigator: W Weber
Project period: April 1, 2002 - March 31, 2007

A two-year study of 58 participants is planned. This study will test to see if there are benefits for juveniles (6-17) who take the herbal treatment to treat ADHD. Each participant and a parent or guardian will have study visits over a 9-week period.

Status: Completed
Study area: Botanical Medicine, Immunity
Principal investigator: N Cech
Co-investigator(s): C Wenner
Project period: August 15, 2003 - July 31, 2006

The aims of this project are to determine which constituents of Spilanthes acmella and Echinacea purpurea have immunomodulatory activity and to assess the importance of synergy in the combined immunomodulatory activity of the two extracts.

Status: Completed
Study area: Botanical Medicine, Immunity
Principal investigator: Cynthia Wenner
Funded by: NIH/NCCAM
Project period: September 2000 - July 2006

The aims of this research project are to assess how Echinacea composition correlates with immunological activities, determine the role of cytochrome P450 metabolism in bioactivity of reportedly active constituents, and investigate whether distinct constituents synergize to enhance bioactivity of

Status: Completed
Study area: Botanical Medicine, Immunity
Co-investigator(s): Sasagawa M, Cech NB, Gray DE, Elmer GW, Wenner CA
Project period: 2006

Alkylamides present in Echinacea species have reported immunomodulatory actions, yet their direct effects on T lymphocytes, key mediators of antiviral immunity, are poorly understood.

Status: Completed
Study area: Nutrition/Dietary, Other
Principal investigator: McCrory MA, Saltzman E, Rolls BJ, Roberts SB
Project period: 2006

The relative effects of energy density and palatability on energy intake, and whether there are familial influences on these effects, are not known.

Status: Completed
Study area: Other
Principal investigator: Messner DJ, Romeo C, Boynton A, Rossie S
Project period: 2006

The microbial toxin okadaic acid (OA) specifically inhibits PPP-type ser/thr protein phosphatases. OA is an established tumor promoter with numerous cellular effects that include p53-mediated cell cycle arrest.

Status: Completed
Study area: Botanical Medicine, Healthy Aging
Principal investigator: Newton KM, Reed SD, LaCroix AZ
Co-investigator(s): Newton KM, Reed SD, LaCroix AZ, Grothaus LC, Ehrlich K, Guiltinan J
Project period: 2006

Black cohosh used in isolation, or as part of a multibotanical regimen, shows little potential as an important therapy for relief of vasomotor symptoms. Clinical Trials Registration number: NCT00169299