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Meet Bastyr's Financial Aid Team

Want to know who can help you with financial matters at Bastyr? Meet your financial aid staff, and get their advice on all things financial aid!

Danette Wells, Financial Aid Director

As the Director of Financial Aid, I am responsible for the operations of the Financial Aid Office. One important piece of advice for those hoping to receive financial aid:  Be aware of application deadlines and submit financial aid documents in a timely manner. Completing financial aid applications early prevents delays in receiving funds, and could mean the difference in receiving a grant or not. Students who have turned in their applications early are given priority for aid sources that have limited funds. If you have questions, concerns or compliments, please email me at dwells[at]bastyr[dot]edu.

Emily Smith, Financial Aid Advisor

I help students understand the basics of their financial aid and work with them to find ways to pay for their education while staying within their budgets. I specifically work with undergraduates and non-ND graduate students. The best advice I can give to new students is to be aware of the types of financial aid Bastyr offers for each program, and plan your budget accordingly. Figure out how much financial aid you will actually need so you can avoid borrowing more than necessary. Also, reduce or eliminate credit card debt before coming to school to help ease your financial burden. Beginning school with a financial plan will reduce stress and allow you to focus on what is really important — your education! Feel free to contact me at esmith[at]bastyr[dot]edu.

Meisha Wangerin, Financial Aid Advisor

I like to think of myself as a financial advocate for our students. I work primarily with our ND students but I’m happy to lend a hand to all that need it. Staying on top of your finances can be challenging, but if you remain in contact with your financial aid advisor we can help to ease the stress. My advice would be to eliminate as much debt as you can before coming to Bastyr and to create a budget for yourself that you can stick to. Making good financial decisions as a student will help you to make even better financial decisions as a medical professional. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at mwangerin[at]bastyr[dot]edu.

Kristi Kallander, Financial Aid Advisor

I am excited to help you learn the elements of financial aid that are important to your particular circumstances and program. Being timely, thorough and meeting deadlines in filling out forms and other required steps will serve you well. I will do all I can to make the process understandable so that you can efficiently complete the portions that are your responsibility – and then re-focus on the priority - your studies. Review the information my colleagues have shared here as well for more useful tips. Do not hesitate to contact me at kkallander[at]bastyr[dot]edu. I will communicate as quickly and clearly as possible.

Rhonda Austin, Work-Study Coordinator

As work study coordinator, I am responsible for all aspects of the work study program from posting jobs to inputting information into the payroll system. A workstudy position can help you with your educational expenses. It can also give you valuable experience in your field of study. When you are filling out the FAFSA make sure that you check the “interested in work study” box and also check the work study box on the Bastyr Financial Aid Application. If you have any questions about the work study program, please contact me at raustin[at]bastyr[dot]edu.

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Danette Wells
Director of Financial Aid
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Emily Smith
Undegraduate Advisor
(425) 602-3407

Kristi Kallander
Graduate Advisor
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Meisha Wangerin
ND Advisor
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General Questions: finaid[at]bastyr[dot]edu
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine questions: mwangerin[at]bastyr[dot]edu
Other Grad Program questions: kkallander[at]bastyr[dot]edu
Undergrad questions:esmith[at]bastyr[dot]edu
Loan Repayment questions: dwells[at]bastyr[dot]edu