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Midwifery Degree Programs

A midwifery class in session

After more than 30 years of educating leaders in the childbirth professions, Seattle Midwifery School merged with Bastyr University in 2009 to offer the only master of science degree in direct-entry midwifery that is regionally accredited, and MEAC-accredited. This means that candidates entering the program with at least two years of undergraduate coursework (including our prerequisites) can exit with a Master of Science in Midwifery. This rigorous three-year program combines coursework in evidence-based midwifery care with high-quality clinical training in a variety of clinics, home-birth settings, birth centers and hospitals in the United States and Canada. We are proud to see our graduates in leadership roles throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Located just north of Seattle, Bastyr University is home to multiple top degree programs in the natural health sciences. Midwifery class sizes are small, averaging 18-20 students in each cohort.  Because our blended curriculum combines online learning with monthly face-to-face intensives, many of our students live outside of the Seattle area.

Program Eligibility

The Master of Science in Midwifery is available to students who already hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college/university and who complete the program prerequisites prior to entering the program. Students who have not completed a bachelor's degree can also apply if they have completed at least two years at the undergraduate level (60 semester or 90 quarter credits), including the basic science and proficiency prerequisites and general education requirements.

Program Features

  • We are MEAC-accredited. Graduates of our program meet the requirements for education and clinical training to qualify to take the board exam to become a certified professional midwife.
  • We are regionally accredited. Bastyr University has been recognized as meeting national standards for educational performance, integrity and quality that entitles us to the confidence of the educational community and the public. This allows us to accept college credits from other regionally accredited schools, and the credits that our students earn at Bastyr are transferable to other accredited programs and schools. Graduates who wish to pursue additional higher education, such as a master’s in public health or a doctorate in midwifery, will have their educational credits from Bastyr recognized.
  • We offer federal financial aid. Because Bastyr University is recognized as an accredited institution of higher education, our students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. This includes grants, low-interest loans, and/or work-study options.  We have a dedicated Midwifery Scholarship Fund that helps defray midwifery program expenses for eligible students and an annual award for Academic Excellence and Leadership that has provided support for students and graduates to disseminate their research, attend conferences and implement projects.
  • We offer an articulated master’s option. This means that qualified candidates with at least two years of college coursework may enter our program without a bachelor’s degree and graduate as a Master of Science in Midwifery.
  • We are committed to social justice. Maternity care in the U.S. is in crisis, and the situation is even worse for families with low resources and communities of color. We train midwives to be racially and culturally aware providers who have the education and tools to be active agents for equity and justice.
  • We qualify our students to practice. Our graduates are eligible for licensure as midwives in Washington State (one of the most rigorous states in which to gain licensure) and other states where licensure is available. Comprehensive training prepares students for high-quality entry-level practice in the care of normal healthy women throughout their entire pregnancy, including prenatal visits, birth, postpartum and newborn care.
  • We build in flexibility. A unique blended learning model (combining both online learning and onsite classroom intensives lasting from one to five days each) allows students to remain in their communities and commute to onsite classes three times each quarter.
  • Our faculty and preceptors are leaders in the midwifery profession. Our faculty members are engaged in active practice and demonstrate leadership in their communities and on the national stage.
  • We offer interdisciplinary and collaborative education. Bastyr University is renowned for its programs in naturopathic medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, ayurvedic science, and other natural health fields. Students learn from each other and faculty across disciplines. Bastyr is also home to the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations.