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The Bastyr Integrative Oncology Outcomes Study: Evaluating Outcomes in Patients Receiving Integrative Oncology Care (BOS)



Study area


Principal investigator

Leanna Standish, PhD, ND, LAc, FABNO

Project period

01/01/2014- 12/31/2018

Funded by

Bastyr University

This observational study seeks to describe the outcomes for individuals who choose to receive integrative oncology care. We will report on clinical outcomes of our patients in terms of whether cancer comes back after treatment (recurrence rates) and survival. We are also interested in identifying therapies recommended to our patients and length of hospice stay when applicable. You will not directly benefit from the study, but information gathered during the course of this study may help us begin to assess the longer-term effects of integrative naturopathic, traditional, Chinese and palliative medicine on cancer patients.

For more information on Integrative Oncology and to read the consent form, click here.

How do I participate in the study and receive Integrative Oncology care?

Contact Bastyr Center for Natural Health for a new patient appointment. To participate in the study you will want to schedule an appointment in Practitioner Care which offers one-on-one visits with a specific licensed naturopathic provider. If you do not wish to participate in the study but still receive Integrative Oncology care you may make an appointment in Team Care where you will be seen by a licensed naturopathic provider and two advanced student clinicians.

Bastyr Center for Natural Health - Practitioner Care:

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Bastyr Center for Natural Health - Team Care:

Call 206-834-4100, press 3 to make an appointment, press 1 for Team Care scheduling.

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