Carrot-Parsnip Soup

Source: Original recipe by Debra Brammer, ND, Bastyr’s associate clinical dean of naturopathic medicine
Prep time: 10 minutesCooking time: 15 minutesTotal time: 25 minutes


With healthy doses of vitamin C in both carrots and parsnips, you're sure to get your recommended daily allowance of immune-system health with this delicious soup. Debra Brammer, ND, clinical dean of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, presented this recipe during a talk called "Herbs to Support Immunity," part of the 2011 Living Naturally fall lecture series at the clinic. Watch the talk in its entirety on the Bastyr YouTube channel. Watch the talk in its entirety and view Dr. Brammer’s other immune-boosting recipes via the article “Bastyr Dean Shares Recipes for Immunity.”


3 medium
3 medium
1⁄2 tsp
fresh lemon juice
1⁄4 tsp
1⁄2 tsp
salt (or double quantity, to taste)
  to taste
water or broth (use enough to cover vegetables)


Note: You may substitute yams for the carrot.


Cut carrots and parsnips into 1-inch pieces, bring to a boil and simmer in water until vegetables are soft.

Blend into a smooth purse using a food processor, mixer or ricer, adding cooking water as needed for consistency. Add fresh lemon juice and marjoram. Serve hot.