Beet Greens with a Citrus Orange Sauce

Source: Original recipe by Debra Brammer, ND, Bastyr’s associate clinical dean of naturopathic medicine
Prep time: 5 minutesCooking time: 5 minutesTotal time: 10 minutes


The dark red color of beets that scares off some would-be consumers is actually one of the traits that helps rank the root vegetable among the healthiest superfoods. Remember that the more colorful the vegetable, the more rich in nutrients it is! Debra Brammer, ND, clinical dean of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, presented this recipe during a talk called "Herbs to Support Immunity," part of the 2011 Living Naturally fall lecture series at the clinic. Watch the talk in its entirety and view Dr. Brammer’s other immune-boosting recipes via the article “Bastyr Dean Shares Recipes for Immunity.”


2 bunch
beet greens, washed, stems removed and cut into ribbons (or any dark leafy green)
1 tbsp
grated fresh ginger root (use of a ginger grater is very helpful)
1 tbsp
olive oil
1 tsp
5 clove
garlic, chopped (or as little as 2 cloves, to taste)
lemon, orange or lime, juiced


You may substitute whole beets cut into chunks for the beet greens.


Wilt the beet greens in a dry skillet, stirring constantly and set aside.

Add butter, olive oil, garlic, and grated ginger in skillet and saute until golden brown. Add freshly squeezed juice and continue to stir, until sauce thickens. Add beet greens or steamed beets, stir and serve.