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Harold Modell, PhD

School of Naturopathic Medicine
School of Natural Health Arts & Sciences
Department of Basic Sciences

Current Roles

  • Core faculty member in the Department of Basic Sciences
  • Director of the Physiology Educational Research Consortium (nonprofit, not associated with Bastyr University)


  • BS in microbiology from University of Minnesota in 1966
  • MS in biomedical engineering from Iowa State University in 1969
  • PhD in physiology from University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1971

Classes Taught

Human Physiology I, II, III; Neuroscience (team-taught)


Dr. Modell’s primary professional interest is in research and development aimed at improving classroom practice to promote meaningful learning.


Dr. Modell’s philosophy is that the student is responsible for his or her learning. The instructor’s job is to help the learner to learn. To engage in meaningful learning, the student must build and test mental models of the "world." This process requires engaging the material to make sense of the world rather than acquire information about the world.

Harold Modell, PhD
Harold Modell, PhD