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Christy D. Hofsess, PhD

School of Natural Health Arts & Sciences
Department of Counseling & Health Psychology

Current Roles

Dr. Hofsess is a core faculty member and assistant professor in the Department of Counseling and Health Psychology. She is the clinical training director for the Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology program.

Additionally, she serves as a clinical supervisor for counseling at Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle where she oversees the "Weigh to Go" Program, an outpatient weight- and lifestyle-management support group.


  • PhD and MEd in counseling psychology from Arizona State University
  • BS in psychology from the University of Maryland, College-Park

Past Experience

Dr. Hofsess completed her internship and postdoctoral training at Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of California, Davis, where she was involved in the development and coordination of its mind-body project, the Stress and Wellness Clinic. Prior to her graduate training in psychology, Dr. Hofsess had a career in health care administration in southern California.

Classes Taught

Fundamentals of Counseling; Counseling Adults 1: Assessment and Treatment; Counseling Adults 2: Assessment and Treatment; Practicum Seminar 1-3; Couples, Families, and Systems; Counseling Theories; Developing & Evaluating Counseling Programs; Undergraduate Practicum Seminar


Dr. Hofsess’ professional interests are an extension of her passion for issues related to training/supervision, multiculturalism/diversity and mind-body wellness. She has a small private practice in Seattle and is co-founder of Interconnections Consulting, an organization whose mission is to provide quality diversity training to a range of institutions. Staying active in her profession and local community is important to Dr. Hofsess. Some of the local community projects she has been involved in include serving as a volunteer supervisor for doctoral-level students completing their training at the Fremont Community Therapy Project.
Dr. Hofsess is an active member of a number of national professional organizations including the American Psychological Association. Her research interests and published works are in the broad areas of counselor development, counter-transference, measurement/scale development, interpersonal theory, social justice training and vocational psychology. A book she has edited on the needs and marginalization of older women is about to be published.


As a lifelong learner in an educator role, Dr. Hofsess is continually learning and growing with and from her students, who are passionate about learning to facilitate health-behavior change from a holistic and integrative approach. As a white psychologist engaged in diversity training, she is continually examining the role of privilege in her life. When talking about issues of multiculturalism — whether in the classroom, in a training, or with colleagues —she seeks to find bridges of understanding and connection while honoring and respecting differences. These dialogues help keep her perspective on health and wellness and cultural sensitivity fresh and evolving, which informs her work in therapy.

Dr. Hofsess' approach in therapy is centered around building an authentic and open relationship with her clients, which she believes is integral to fostering trust. She is trained as a generalist psychologist, but has specialty training in working with anxiety and stress-related disorders, women’s issues and relationships, sexual trauma and substance use. She uses an integrative approach in her work and draws from several modalities including mindfulness-based and relational-cultural interventions.

Christy D. Hofsess, PhD
Christy D. Hofsess, PhD