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As leaders in natural medicine education and clinical services, Bastyr physicians, health care practitioners and faculty members provide their expertise on television, online and in newspapers, magazines and radio.

KUOW 94.9 FM: Bastyr University's Penny Simkin works with Swedish Medical Center to lower cesarean births with doulas on staff
L'Chaim Magazine: Bastyr San Diego is featured for integrating mind, body and spirit
Massage Magazine: Bastyr San Diego's Jonci Jensen, N.D., studies the "purpose of play" in childhood development
KOMO4 News: Bastyr Chapel gives local ties to the Oscars
YES! Magazine: Bastyr University's Amy Frasieur boosts immunity with food
Bangor Daily News (Maine): How a former wrestler, farmer became a ‘doctor who listens’
Q13 FOX News: Bastyr Clinic's Dr. Andrew Simon speaks about how to avoid germs while at the gym
KIRO7- TV : Bastyr University graduates are being hired by local health start-up Arivale Beauty: Bastyr University's Dr. Dhaval Dhru demystifies the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling
KOMO4 News: Bastyr University's Dr. Amy Davis talks about why time speeds up as we age
KING5-TV: Bastyr University Chapel used for recording the soundtrack for "The Revenant"
ParentMap: Bastyr University's Cynthia Lair speaks to getting kids involved in the kitchen and reducing sugar intake
KING5-TV: Bastyr University's Kelly Morrow talks about Immunity Boosting Foods
Massage Magazine: Bastyr University's Dr. Timothy Schwaiger studies quality vs. quantity of sleep
NDNR: Bastyr University's Dr. Simon keeps healthcare costs down with mind-body medicine
Bothell Reporter: Bastyr University's Dr. Powell is featured for his new school agenda
Prevention Magazine: Bastyr Clinic's Dr. Jamey Wallace speaks on why you should see a naturopath
10News (KGTV SD) : Bastyr University's Fernada Larson shares healthy cooking for diabetes prevention
KING5-TV: Bastyr University's Dr. Brad Lichtenstein & Jimm Harrison talk about reducing the stress of your commute.
Everett Herald: Bastyr University experts divulge which home remedies really work.
Dr. Oz The Good Bastyr San Diego's Dr. DeJarra K. Sims connects mindful eating with lower obesity.
KOMO4 News : Bastyr University's Dr. Brad Lichtenstein on reducing health care costs through meditation, yoga and prayer.
The Stranger: Bastyr University's nutrition graduate Lisa Woo is featured in The Stranger for mapping the diverse food scene in Seattle.
Q13 FOX News: Bastyr University's Dr. David Shen-Miller talks about alcohol addiction.
KING5-TV : Bastyr University's Dr. Andrew Simon asks if coping with tragedy is the new normal.



Representatives from Bastyr University California work to expand naturopathic scope of practice law to become better primary care doctors

Bastyr University Participating in Initiative to Help Nontraditional Learners Gain College Degrees and Credentials

A $100,000 grant from The Seattle Rotary Service Foundation will fund the construction as part of the Sacred Seeds Ethnobotanical Trail and Garden.

Health Tips

Take your enjoyment of the outdoors while camping to the next level by making delicious, sustainable food that's both good for you and the planet.

Talk about food for thought! These delicious foods can help fuel your body and your mind.

The farm-to-table trend is more than a buzzword. Here are the numbers to support the benefits of buying from your local farmers market or CSA.

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