Monday, October 28, 2013

Benjamin Lynch, ND ('07) Leads Innovative Conference on Campus

Photo of Benjamin Lynch, ND ('07)
Benjamin Lynch, ND ('07)

Nearly 300 health care providers came to campus for a first-of-its kind, two-day conference on Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics. The event, held in mid-October 2013, featured Benjamin Lynch, ND, a 2007 graduate of Bastyr University who presented on the concept of “individualized medicine.” The conference focused on using genetic testing to map a person’s DNA within key areas of the body such as folate metabolism and the methylation cycle to find out what variations they each had that might contribute to their specific chronic or genetic health problems.

According to Dr. Lynch, by assessing genetic variations one can identify the root of why health problems happen to certain individuals so they can take steps to prevent or treat the problems by making lifestyle, diet or supplemental changes.

“This is medicine at its finest and aligns directly with the ideals behind naturopathic medicine,” said Dr. Lynch. “Rather than treating symptoms, we are digging deeper to find out underlying causes; common genetic mutations are such causes, and once identified, allows physicians to initiate treatment based on the individual level rather than standard protocols.”

Guests in attendance came from as far away as Singapore and the United Kingdom, and included naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, chiropractors, nurses and nutritionists, among others. Organizers believe this is one of the first conferences on this topic to be held in the United States.

 A day after the conference there was a hands-on physicians’ case study roundtable led by Dr. Lynch where 12 doctors applied what they learned on actual submitted patient cases.

The next conference on methylation and nutrigenomics will further the discussion and include updated research and findings, additional information and case discussions. It is scheduled for March 15-16, 2014 at Bastyr University.



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