Thursday, October 6, 2011

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Health Sciences Program

Our admissions advisors have identified seven questions that students tend to find useful in selecting a study program.

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  1. What's most important to me? What are my career goals? What are my passions?
  2. What programs are offered at this school? Are there opportunities to take classes in other areas?
  3. Who attends this school? Would I fit in? Would classmates bring diverse perspectives?
  4. Who makes up the faculty?  Does their practice and research outside of the classroom interest me?
  5. What is the school culture like? Are there extracurricular or volunteer opportunities that match my interests?
  6. What is the best environment for me? Do I prefer an urban, suburban or rural environment? What's the size of the school and size of program?
  7. Does the school have a network to advance my career? What are its alumni doing now?

Naturally we have our own answers, and we'd love to have a discussion to see if Bastyr University meets your needs. Our hope is that considering these questions will help you find a study program that matches your goals. Contact our admissions team to set up a meeting.

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