Wednesday, August 1, 2012

President's Message - August 2012

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games take place in London, I reflect that the elements that make that event so special — teamwork, spirit and hard work — are the same ones that, to me, make Bastyr University so special.

Bastyr University President Daniel K. Church, PhD
Bastyr University President Daniel K. Church, PhD

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games take place in London, I reflect that the elements that make that event so special — teamwork, spirit and hard work — are the same ones that, to me, make Bastyr University so special. We have a number of exciting events happening in the coming month and beyond, for which we are actively preparing.

AANP Convention

In the same way the summer games unify countries, the 27th American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Annual Convention and Exposition will unify those interested in the naturopathic profession. It takes place August 15-18 in Bellevue, Washington, close to our campus, providing a wonderful opportunity for the best and brightest in the world of natural medicine to meet, learn and have fun.  Prospective Bastyr University students will have the chance to learn more about the profession and gain valuable insight into what naturopathic medicine is all about.

Alumni Day

Past Olympians’ accomplishments are memorialized and appreciated – just as Bastyr University alumni are remembered fondly. On August 14th, we welcome our past graduates back to campus for Alumni Day. Activities throughout the day will include campus tours, alumni discounts at the bookstore and much more.

Attendees will also get the chance to share their memories of our University’s namesake on what would have been Dr. John Bastyr’s 100th birthday.

APPLE Core Program

From the time they are young children, world-class athletes train for years to become the best at their respective sports. This month, we are also starting young, at least when it comes to teaching children about the importance of healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention. The second annual APPLE Core program happens on the Bastyr University campus on August 11. Children between the ages of 8-12 and their parents will participate in a number of activities designed to educate and encourage families to eat healthy, exercise and make good choices – together.

California Campus

The goal in many track events is to cross the finish line first. For Bastyr University’s California campus, the end of our preparation is in sight and we are sprinting toward the grand opening on September 14, 2012. From new leadership to assembling our faculty, we are gearing up for a memorable celebration next month.

Just like those who prepare and participate in the Olympics, our team is seeing the fruits of its labor. We hope you follow and support us as we continue to make Bastyr University the gold standard for natural health arts and sciences throughout the world. 


In Health,

Daniel K. Church, PhD

Bastyr University President

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Apr 16

Deepen your understanding of the interconnectedness between energy and healing. Engage the four levels of your being and experience flow as you fuel your body and feed your soul with the Elemental Healing™ Method. Our energy body codes our experiences in its energetic architecture where there is a complete record of all our past experiences and emotional wounds. Healing those wounds is one of the primary rewards of one’s Inner Journey.
April 16, 23 & 30, Wed, 6-9p.m.
Instructor: Lauren Nalder, BSc.
(8 CEUs, PDAs)

Apr 16 Community Ed

Yoga is a way into life. Develop greater awareness of your body's strengths and challenges through yoga. Using the yoga postures (asana) appropriately, we can bring more freedom and peace into our bodies and minds. Working with the breath (pranayama), we can cultivate stillness and strength.
April 16 – June 18, Wednesdays, 6-7:15p.m.
Heidi Fischer, Certified Yoga Teacher.
12.5 HRs

Apr 17 Admissions

Bastyr University will be in Chicago to help you learn about the amazing opportunities that await you at Bastyr.

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