woman looking for house mate

Hi, I am looking to share with another female housemate..I am healthy, active, eat organic, and I do yoga and meditation. I am clean and quite. no drugs or alcohol. i live simply and peacefully : ) thank you,

21 year old female in need of a housemate

Looking for a 1 year lease close to Bastyr Campus. I will be new to the area coming from Pittsburgh. This will be my first year of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program. I am a responsible, easy-going, fun, and tidy roommate who loves to cook. I love pets but will not have any during school. Most of my time will be spent studying, but I do hope to find someone I can go out with occasionally and explore because I am new to Washington!

Please call Taylor Schatzel at 724-650-2968 or email ts97824[at]gmail[dot]com

Room or Place for Tent Needed

Young/Mid Twenties
Non-Binary/Gender Fluid
Working at Bastyr

Hi. Just moved to town and am looking for a place to live. I'm real minimalist and like living in community. What I would really love would be to tent in someone's back yard for cheap but I'm also happy to live in a house or apartment if you are looking for a roommate.

I Iove plants, animals and fungi and love wildcrafting and hiking. Was previously working at a farm that grows Chinese Medicinal Plants in North Carolina. I also like reading weird books and dressing up for fun.

Looking for a room for 10-days (june 12-22)

Hi, my name is Braden Keifer and I'm a 27 year old physical therapist moving to Seattle this Friday. I'm subletting Rosalie's room this summer but need a place to stay short term until she leaves on the 23rd. If anyone has an extra room I would greatly appreciate it.

I will be working in Everett at Providence Medical Center. I'm friendly and responsible. If you have any questions Rosalie or Mary can pass on my contact info.


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