Housemate wanted

Room Available

16,000 sq foot basement apartment has one room available this coming July. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry room, full kitchen and separate entry. Window's that face the sunny west! It is a 3 minute drive and about a 15 minute walk to Bastyr.

Compassionate and caring student seeks awesome housemates

My landlord is selling our house, and it’s time to move again. I had a lot of luck this past year by working with values-directed living with my housemates. We are all going our separate ways now, and I’d like to continue the experiment! Whether it means finding a whole new set of housemates and a new house, or becoming a part of someone else’s home, I am ready to move in July 1. In two more weeks I will be a 3/5 ND student, with a beautiful sweet-natured pit bull named Roxy, and a sleek little cat named Odin.

Summer Sublet Available! Shared, Cozy Condo Near Bastyr Campus


I am a first year ND student, living in a sweet little condo near Baster Campus. My roommate is leaving to travel for the summer, and so we are looking for a kindred spirit to sublet her room from the end of June to the end of September.

Our two-bedroom condo includes a well-lit living room and kitchen, with a sliding door that opens up onto a patio (where we have a mini garden growing in pots), and a bathroom with a tub. The room is about 15' by 15', and has a closet.

Want to share my home with Bastyr student!

Hi! My home is situated on a greenbelt, has 3 levels and 4 bedrooms. I enjoy sharing the space with one other woman. I have shared my home with Bastyr students in the past, and have always enjoyed the fit of our lifestyles. I have 2 cats, but not looking to add more pets. The cats do not have a catbox, they are trained to go outdoors.


I am a mature female seeking a compatible housemate/s to both find and share a place.
Timeline is flexible, but hoping for June 2015. (Preferred areas: Kenmore, Kirkland, Bothell).

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