Craniosacral Therapy for Babies & Small Children (CS14 - 14BABY09)

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September 7th, 2014 9:00 AM   through   September 10th, 2014 6:00 PM
14500 Juanita Dr. NE
Bastyr University
See location under description.
Kenmore, WA 98028-4966
United States

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Phone: (425) 602-3152
Professional $ 695.00
Campus Kenmore Campus
Audience health care professionals, full-time students, massage therapists, physical & occupational therapists
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Etienne will first guide you through your own prebirth, birth and postbirth experiences in order to remind you of your own moments at this formative time in your life. From this point you will have developed more empathy with a newborn child. You are then prepared to work with babies, small children, soon-to-be mothers, and postpartum mothers. You will learn how to lovingly communicate with both mother and child; and use craniosacral techniques to assess and correct the effects of a traumatic birth of a young client. Sun, Sept 7 – Wed, Sept 10, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Instructor: Etienne Peirsman. (29 CEUs, PDA, CMEs)

Prerequisites: Completion of Craniosacral Therapy - Levels 1 and 2 at Bastyr University’s Continuing Education program since Fall ’12, or instructor permission. Additionally, it is strongly recommended (although not required) that you first attend Talking to the Heart in order to fully benefit from this class.

Required book and reading assignment: Participants are required to read the entire book prior to class attendance: Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children by Etienne and Neeto Peirsman. Available at the Bastyr Bookstore or (approx. $25).

Course note: On Wednesday morning, the instructor will conduct demonstrations on infants (up to five months old) and children (three to nine years old). Bastyr is recruiting young volunteers for this session. If you have a client or a friend who would like their child to receive a demonstration treatment, please contact Bastyr at Also, on Wednesday afternoon each participant will be practicing on their own young volunteer. Each participant must bring to class their own volunteer youth (infant to nine years old). Note: all volunteer youths must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Description: Through the rebirth experience you will rediscover the personal goals and tasks you have set for yourself to address in this lifetime. The rebirth experience will heighten your respect for the intelligence and receptivity of a baby. Etienne will then show you how to speak and listen to a baby in an authentic way, using silent awareness, gentle touch and calming words. Also explore how a baby sends its love to you. Special importance will be placed to the “placenta-experience” and the subconscious messages that are given by mother and father to the new human being. Etienne will demonstrate techniques to identify and correct patterns in an infant or small child that relate to the birth experience.

Upon completion of the seminar you will be able to:

  • Describe your time with the placenta, and reclaim lost placenta energy
  • Describe your own birth experience
  • Describe your birth plan for this life and re-evaluate and change that plan
  • Describe the important steps in your development, and release unwanted feelings and toxic energies that might be present
  • Touch a baby in a soft and natural way
  • Communicate verbally with a newborn or child in an authentic way
  • Use craniosacral to change the brain programming of the anterior cingulate gyrus
  • Demonstrate how to guide a parent and small children through the rebirthing process
  • Describe the medical techniques involved in a caesarean birth
  • Assess a newborn for birth trauma (including caesarean and breech birth) and make corrections using craniosacral
  • Describe the time before incarnation
  • Describe how forceps and suction devices are used in the delivery of a baby
  • Describe the relationship between mouth-complex and pelvic floor
  • Demonstrate Atlas - Occiput using fascial release and bring a young client into the long tide
  • Demonstrate Atlas - Occiput using fascial release and bring a young client into the long tide
  • Use your voice and touch to instill trust with both the parent and the child
  • Describe your conception and the feelings of your parents at that moment

Cost Notes: Receive a discount and register by 8/13/14

Please Bring: Blanket & wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing

Meals: One hour lunch break - Bring a sack lunch or eat in Bastyr's dinning commons.

Location: Bastyr University Kenmore Campus, room 146. Bastyr University is housed in an older facility with fluctuating interior temperatures; it is advisable to wear layers. Also Bastyr is a "fragrance free" campus.

Audience: The seminar content has been designed for licensed health care professionals, full-time students, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical & occupational therapists.

29 Continuing Education Units (CEUs, PDAs, CMEs)

CEUs available for NDs (except for CA & OR)

CEUs available for LMPs licensed in WA

CEUs available for PT & OTs licensed in WA

NCBTMB CEs pending approval for LMPs

CEUs available for ARNPs & RNs licensed in WA

Category II CMEs available for MDs & PAs licensed in WA

NCCAOM PDA points available for LAc's

Etienne Peirsman, MM, is a biology and physical education teacher who has been involved with emotional training, encounter work, primal healing and meditation since 1974. He began teaching craniosacral (CS) in 1991, and founded several CS institutes in Belgium and the Netherlands. He is the founder and director of PCSA (Peirsman Cranio Sacral Academy) in the Netherlands. He is also the originator of the cranialsacral school in Holland which began as a result of his students becoming professionals. As a result, he has a grandfather status in that organization and is an honorary member of the professional organization Netherland's Cranio Sacral Practitioner Association (NCSV). Additionally, he has taught CS at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts since 2008.

Etienne is the author of the book Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children, published by North Atlantic Books in 2006. His work encompasses the evolution from bio-mechanical (Upledger) to bio-dynamic techniques (Sutherland). His specialty is the expression of the heart, the long tide and their connection to meditation and enlightenment. He has said “Drop the word therapy. It is not part of who and what we are.  Face it, you are perfect and your heart is perfect”.