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The Certificate Program includes completion of all three craniosacral courses (Levels 1-3), and requires that you attend supervised practice sessions, participate in two-way trades with sequential SOAP charting, conduct client craniosacral sessions with a variety of clients, receive personal treatment sessions from certified instructors or practitioners, and pass both the practical and written exams. You can technically complete the Certificate Program within a 12-month period. However, you need to take into consideration your ability to not only fulfill the requirements but also master the subtle skills necessary to achieve excellence in craniosacral therapy (CST). In order to optimize your skill development, it is recommended (although not required) that you complete the program within three years of registering. Once you register, an instructor/mentor will be assigned to guide you through the process (either Nancy Witt, PT, MSW, CST-D or Einat Arian, ND, PhD, CST-D).

Craniosacral therapy is a complex practice, which usually involves learning and mastering a new paradigm of manual therapy (i.e. understanding a very different paradigm of therapy which includes new and different skills of assessment, hand holds, and listening for and following very subtle movement within the body). It requires you to have had a broad exposure to these tools, with many people with varying needs and problems. You must be committed to many hours of practice, and dedicated to mastering a functional awareness of the anatomy of the human body. You also must understand what you are feeling in the body - not only the anatomy, but the presence of restriction patterns, and thus be able to apply the techniques you have learned in the classes to release these restrictions.

Earning the Certificate of Competency in the program means that you can demonstrate you have mastered all these elements. You can put them together in a treatment, demonstrate a clear awareness of the process of treatment (from initial assessment, through treatment sessions, and until an appropriate completion of treatment is achieved). Receiving a certificate denotes that you have demonstrated excellence in putting together and using all the skills taught in the three courses.

The prerequisites to enrolling in the “Craniosacral Certificate Program – Certificate Prep”:

  • Completion of Craniosacral, Levels 1 and 2 through Bastyr University (in  September 2012 or after)
  • Completion of 50 hours of client treatment sessions (using craniosacral for a minimum of 50% of the session with at least 10 different clients)
  • Receive a minimum of one full craniosacral session with one of the instructors (or certified practitioners), and
  • Participation in at least three supervised practice sessions.

After completion of these requirements, contact Nancy Witt ( to schedule a meeting where she will assess and discuss your progress. She will then determine whether you are ready to enroll in the Certificate Program, or recommend a plan for further skill development.

Steps at a Glance:

  • Step #1 Successfully complete Craniosacral Levels 1 and 2 (in Sept. 2012 or after)
  • Step #2 Receive at least one full session from an instructor (or one of our certified practitioners)
  • Step #3 Complete at least 50 hours of client treatment sessions on a variety of clients (providing CST for at least 50% of the treatment)
  • Step #4 Participate in at least three supervised practice sessions
  • Step #5 Meet with instructor/mentor to assess readiness for enrollment
  • Step #6 Register online for “Craniosacral Certificate Program – Certificate Prep”

Once you have registered for Certificate Prep registration, your instructor/mentor will contact you.