Facilities Operations and Safety Engineer

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California Campus (San Diego, CA)
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6:30a - 3:30p
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Open until filled

Maintain the academic and clinical facilities to ensure the safety, security and comfort of all persons entering the premises.  Anticipate safety concerns and security breaches and address issues in a timely basis. Oversee the Safety Committee and develop safety procedures associated with emergency preparedness, fire response, earthquake response, accidents and illness, etc.  Maintain close working relations with Property Manager, San Diego Police Department, San Diego Fire Department, various Utility Providers and Bastyr University campus/clinic in Washington.

Provide general building maintenance as required to ensure the campus, clinic facility and environmental control systems remain in good repair.  Duties include opening the buildings, appropriate assistance in events and emergencies. Coordinate all repair and maintenance requests for the campus and clinic. Work with the Bastyr University IT department to support the networked systems and with vendors to keep other administrative equipment in good working order (includes copiers, cash registers, fax machines, credit card machines.)  Oversee clinic and didactic laundry operations. Oversee the cleaning contract for campus and clinic. Oversee the general maintenance of medical equipment for both didactic classrooms and clinic operations.

Responsible for stewardship of campus and clinic fixed assets.  Supervise yearly physical inventory of furnishings and equipment.  Develop and maintain tracking system for fixed assets and implement appropriate security measures. Facilitate purchasing of all medical, clinical, office and misc. equipment. Maintain inventory of all medical, clinical, office and misc. equipment.  Maintain key inventory.

Responsible for the academic and clinic facilities operations budget management. Coordinate the ordering, stocking and inventory of medical supplies for the clinic and clinical didactic classes.  Coordinate the ordering of office supplies for the clinic and campus. Maintain academic and clinic petty cash fund.  Exercise fiscal responsibility in looking for low-cost options on all purchases for the campus and clinic.

Work with the Clinic Coordinator and Program Coordinator to organize all exam and class rooms on a weekly basis, which includes proper disposal of bio hazardous materials, maintaining patient/student room functionality, stocking medical supplies in all exam or classrooms and supply closets.

Employ excellent customer service skills in providing facility services for patients, students, staff and faculty.  Mediate grievances among these parties on facility, equipment and supply concerns.  Remain personally accessible for on-call during and after working hours for emergencies with the facility operations.

Work with the Director of Facilities to manage capital acquisitions and project management of Facility Operations projects. 




  • Solid knowledge of Local, State, and Federal laws and regulations as it applies to building codes, fire and life safety, telecommunications, etc.
  • Working knowledge of basic UNIX programming, and be knowledgeable regarding Lucent Definity Prologix programming and vectoring.  
  • Ability to read blueprints, schematics, maps, and plans.
  • Working knowledge of building automation controls and access systems.
  • Strong background in electrical, HVAC, and plumbing repairs.
  • Working knowledge of basic engineering involved in all systems of physical plant maintenance: structural, sanitation, telecommunications, and systems design.
  • Strong working knowledge of Information Technology.
  • Knowledge of budget management.
  • Knowledge of allopathic medical procedures and “complementary and alternative” modalities in order to communicate the specific and unique needs of the clinic to vendors, contractors, governmental officials, and other outside individuals who do not understand natural medicine, but who are familiar with allopathic medicine.
  • Must be familiar with quality assurance and quality improvement assessment issues relating to medical clinics.
  • Working knowledge of facilities administration and contract management.

Skills and Abilities 

  • Ability to make independent decisions and advocate for campus and clinic needs, while working cooperatively within an institutional hierarchy.
  • Ability to work professionally and cooperatively with internal and external customers in a busy, adaptable work environment.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills; communicate accurate and pertinent information in order to facilitate effective coordination of core and support services.
  • Ability to problem-solve and resolve conflicts.
  • Ability to negotiate with multiple vendors to pursue the best prices  in order to achieve  budgetary goals.
  • Ability and willingness to learn unfamiliar tasks quickly and to accept changes in a positive and professional manner.
  • Good judgment, exceptional resourcefulness and initiative; ability to analyze and develop effective solutions to complex problems.
  • Ability to function independently.
  • Ability to develop and interpret and apply policies and procedures.
  • Well organized and detailed oriented.
  • Professional presentation and demeanor.
  • Ability to create forms and reports using PC-based word-processing and spreadsheet software.


  • Minimum five years progressively responsible experience in facilities administration (preferably medical/academic industry) including supervision of staff, budget calculation, vendor contact, maintenance, and use of computerized inventory and bookkeeping programs and direct (preferably education industry) customer service experience.
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of supervisory experience.           


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education, experience and training
  • American Heart Association or Red Cross CPR certification
  • Basic First-Aid Certification
  • Entry-level certification in engineering or drafting is desirable


  • Some responsibility for assets or fiscal matters such as own job-related accounting, suggesting or making minor purchases, university credit cards, petty cash handling, making deposits, etc.
  • Basic accounting and record keeping and/or responsibility for one or two accounts within a budget.
  • Assists in budget planning and/or tracking for a specific program or department.  May plan/track a limited number of accounts within a budget.
  • Budgetary responsibility for a specific program or section of a larger department.  May have additional limited spending authority within budgetary parameters.
  • Full budgetary responsibility for one or more major department budgets. 


This position has full responsibility for ensuring that the facilities and equipment of the campus and clinic are sound and safe to occupy.  Poor decision making could easily lead to death or serious injury of patients, students, staff, or faculty, any of which would have major financial and public relations consequences. 

This position is fully responsible for responding to student, staff, faculty, and patient complaints about: equipment, facilities, grounds, supplies, personnel, telephones, employees, contractors, hazardous or unsafe conditions, unauthorized persons on the premises, refuse removal, and many other issues. Poor decision-making might lead to patient injuries and lawsuits, or injury of the institution’s reputation as a customer-service oriented establishment. 

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