Long-Term Disability

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Long-Term Disability

This section includes a brief outline of the Long Term Disability plan. The coverage is provided through Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Company.

Amount of Benefit

60% of basic monthly earnings, up to a maximum benefit of $8,000 per month

When Benefits Begin (elimination period)

After 90 days of disability

Benefit Period

Age at Disability

Maximum Benefit Period


Less than age 60










69 and over

to age 65

60 months

48 months

42 months

36 months

30 months

24 months

21 months

18 months

15 months

12 months

Minimum Monthly Benefit


Survivor Benefit

3 months

(benefit reduction)

The amount of benefit payable is reduced by other similar benefit plans, such as workers' compensation, social security (primary and family), other disability plans, etc.

Mental and Nervous Limitation

24 months


All active full-time (20 hours or more per week) employees are eligible the first of the month following 30 days of employment.

Actively at Work

You must be actively at work on the date your insurance is scheduled to be effective in order to become insured under the plan.

Pre-Existing Condition Limitation

The Long Term Disability plan will not cover any disability which is caused by or results from a pre-existing condition and which begins in the first 12 months after the insured employee's effective date.

"Pre-existing condition" means a sickness or injury for which the insured employee received treatment within 3 months prior to the insured employee's effective date.

"Treatment" means consultation, care or services provided by a physician including diagnostic measures and the taking of prescribed drugs and medicines.


This is intended as only a very brief outline of the main provisions of the plan (eff. 3/1/97). Please refer to your booklet/certificate for a further explanation including eligibility, limitations and exclusions.

Any claim will be administered in accordance with the insurance policy issued to Bastyr University.